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Founder of Aikido: Morihei Ueshiba
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Welcome to the website of the Y. I. H. Aikido Dojo

Yangon's Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Aikido Demonstration Y.I.H., May, 2003

Y.I.H. Aikido students, May, 2003

The late U Thaung Din Sensei

Thank you or visiting our website. The intention of this site is to promote and support the practice of Aikido in the country of Myanmar. Aikido has been practiced in Myanmar for over 40 years. However until recently there was very little contact with the global Aikido Community. It is our hope that this website helps to create a greater connection and exchange between aikidoka in Myanmar and other countries. Please feel free to browse the menu and visit this site.

What is Aikido ?

Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art with its roots in Japan's long history of warrior traditions. However its philosophy reflects the spiritual truths of Love, Peace, and Harmony. Such a combination makes Aikido a truly unique Martial Art that is both an effective self-defense, and a methode for developing the mind and spirit.
The central principle of Aikido is "Awase", which means to blend, or to join. When faced with aggresion, rather than forcing, or resisting it, Aikido uses the techniques of blending to join with the attackers movement, then skillfully redirect the agression to a peaceful resolution.
The techniques of Aikido are effective, but they are neither violent nor do they cause injury to the attacker. Aikido nurtures harmony with nature and respect for mankind.
AI - Harmony, Unity, to be in accord with, or to join

KI - Life, Spirit, Force, Universal Creative Energy

DO - The Way, Path, or Phylosophy